Where Are IRS Income Tax Forms Available?

During tax season, the most popular IRS income tax forms are available with public agencies. Agencies like the public library and post offices will provide free tax forms. There are other places to find tax forms:

IRS website

By going to the IRS website you can find out about which form you need and print them out for use. These forms are sometimes even available to fill out directly in PDF format to help increase legibility. You will need to have access to an internet connection and a printer to get the forms this way.

IRS by Phone

The IRS has a phone number dedicated to ordering tax forms. You can call the number and input a fax number to have the form faxed to you. They also have a number that you can request the forms be mailed to you. The IRS makes it easy to obtain the forms that you might need for individual or business purposes. Also, they can help you with all questions you might have about filing.

Tax Preparers and Software

If you file taxes through a service or a software program, then they can locate and provide any form that you need to fill out your taxes. By using such means as a database of forms or by getting them directly from the IRS the tax preparers gain access in the same way you would if you were preparing your own return. Tax preparation software is generally easy to use and can also provide you with technical support, depending on the program you purchase.

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