Understanding The Details Of A Tax Relief Form

There is no such thing as a tax relief form. Tax relief that is offered to a taxpayer comes in the form of credits and other stimulus type spending that the federal government provides.  Obtaining tax relief can only come by way of Congressional action and is not something that a taxpayer fills out a special form.

Stimulus Checks

Tax relief typically comes in the form of stimulus checks that the U.S. Treasury mails to taxpayers.  If there were a form that needed to be filed, that would be the standard tax forms that are required of all taxpayers.  This includes a Form 1040, 1040-A and 1040-EZ.  These forms let the IRS know who is qualified for tax relief and helps the service direct tax relief to those taxpayers.

Lower Tax Rates

Tax relief can also come in the form of lower tax rates.  The process of lowering tax rates to provide tax relief was last done in 2001 through the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act.  This law reduced marginal tax rates for taxpayers in order to put more money into the pockets of taxpayers. There was no form that was required to be completed by taxpayers in order to receive this tax relief.


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