Tax Relief in Disaster Situations

The IRS has a relief program that is specially designed to help people suffering in disaster areas. They have created a special tax law provision  that allows for tax relief and you will need to know how to file this for the tax deduction.

Who can Claim Tax Relief?

There are a number of people who can claim tax relief on their IRS payments. You must live in an area that has been acknowledged as federally disaster area. The president declares must declare the area a major disaster area.

Claiming Disaster Relief

If you have already submitted your forms to the IRS, then you can amend your tax form to include the casualty loss deduction. Personal losses are limited to the excess over $100 and must be itemized. The deductions also limited to 10 percent of gross income.

Consult your tax professional or research more information on the IRS website to be sure you file the appropriate deductions. You want to be sure you walk the delicate balance of filing your deductions and filing correctly to avoid trouble.

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