How To Track Your Income Tax Refund Status

Your income tax refund status can be checked either online or over the phone. Whether you calling federal or state facilities, you will require some basic information to be able to access your information, including your social security number, filing status and the amount expected in the refund.

Where to Check

Some states may still not have the information available online, but you can still the income tax refund status over the phone.

  • Federal – those wishing to check their federal income tax refund status can go to and on the front page of the site there is a link to check the status of your refund. They can also be contacted by telephone using the number: 1-800-829-4059.
  • State – The income tax refund status for your particular state can accessed with the treasury website for your particular state. You will typically find a link labeled “Individuals”. Click that link and you will be on the personal income tax pages and you should find the link for tax refund status there. If the information is not available online for your state, then clicking the Contact Us link should direct you to a list of phone numbers, one of which will be the proper number to cal and check the income tax refund status.
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