How to Select a Small Business Accounting Package

Look for a small business accounting package that offers the basics: easy filing, consistent record keeping and guarantees in the face of any problems. If you can find a service that offers these simple items, the other priorities on your list are up to you.

Easy Filing

You should not have to spend time interpreting and filling out tax forms. Instead, you should be able to hand over your books and let the tax service do the rest. Even a tax software program will offer you the ability to answer simple questions and avoid filling out complicated forms, so you should expect no less from a service.

Consistent Record Keeping

Your business is only protected if it keeps good records. Look for a service that will record and store your bookkeeping and receipts so they may be accessed in the case of an emergency or if you choose to select a new accountant in the future.


You should elect to work with a service that will help you in the face of an emergency such as a problem getting your forms accepted or facing an audit. If the service you select is not available to help answer your questions in a stressful situation, then the service is not worth the cost.

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