How to Fill Out a W-2 Tax Form

A W-2 tax form is provided by an employer to an employee. It shows the amount of taxes withheld during a given year. A W2 can be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the employee's Social Security number in box A. The business ID number and address go in boxes B and C. The employee number, name and address go in spots D, E and F.

  2. The employee's total wages go in box 1. Taxes withheld for federal purposes go in box 2. Social Security wages and withholdings go in boxes 3 and 4. Boxes 5 and 6 are for Medicare wages and tips withheld. Tips reported to SSA go in spot 7.

  3. State tax information goes on the bottom line of the W2. The state abbreviation, your state ID number, total state wages and taxes paid go here. The same is true for local wages, tips and withholding for the spots at the bottom of the page. The wages will be the same as those declared federally for most employees.
These forms need to be delivered by the end of January each year. You should keep at least one copy for your office records.


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