Checking Your Federal Income Tax Extension Status

If you need to check on a federal income tax extension status, there is no way to do this online through the IRS website. A taxpayer that has filed a tax extension must contact a local IRS office or taxpayer assistance center for help in determining the status of a tax extension.

Requesting a Federal Tax Extension

When a taxpayer is unable to pay their taxes by the April 15th deadline, they are permitted to file Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Businesses file Form 7004. The extension request does not do away with the obligation to pay taxes. When a taxpayer is unable to make a payment by April 15th, interest (and possibly penalties) will be attached to the outstanding amount until paid.  

When a Taxpayer Is Notified

The IRS will contact the taxpayer of they need additional information regarding the request for extension. If the request is granted, a taxpayer will be notified that they have up to 6 months to pay their taxes. This extends the time to October 15th of the tax payment year. Contacting the IRS directly or making an appointment with a taxpayer assistance center should not be necessary unless a significant amount of time has elapsed since the Form 4868 was filed.

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