4 Helpful Small Business Online Accounting Resources

Learning small business accounting online saves time and trips to a local college or workshop. Some online resources offer mini courses on the topic, and others help you to manage the accounting aspects of your business. Here are 4 helpful small business online accounting resources worth checking out:

1. MyOwnBusiness.org

What can beat a free online course that walks you through the basics of small business accounting? Online resources, free ones anyway, can be hit or miss, but www.myownbusiness.org offers a solid tutorial geared toward the new business owner. Session 8 is "Accounting and Cash Flow," and you can start and end there if you only want to focus on accounting. There are spreadsheets and videos to accompany the tutorials, and you can download materials as you work your way through the course. Some of the material is written in a "how-to" format, making it easy for you to work on your record keeping and other accounting as you follow along. At the end of a session, you can take a quiz to see if you understand the material. You'll also have the opportunity to earn certificates as you complete course sessions. It's like taking a mini college course in the comfort of your home.

2. Quickbooks Online

You might be familiar with Quickbooks software, but you may not be aware that you can use it online. Quickbooks is the best small business accounting software, because it's easy to use and it will teach you along the way. For example, there are videos embedded in the software that will help you understand how to take care of your bookkeeping and finances. Rather than buy a software package, many businesses are choosing to manage their small business accounting online. This allows other users to log in to Quickbooks from their own computers, such as a bookkeeper or assistant. Sign up for free at www.quickbooksonline.intuit.com.

3. Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration offers its own small business accounting online course, at www.sba.gov/training/finandacctg/index.html. The goal is to help entrepreneurs learn and understand financial principles so that they can succeed in business. You will have to register to gain access, but the course is free. It also offers publications on accounting, such as "Understanding Cash Flow." You should download these to read at your convenience.

4. AccountingHelper

The right blog can be an excellent small business accounting online resource. One blog to try is www.accountinghelper.org. It covers most of what you'll need to learn and understand about business finances and accounting in the posts. It also links to past editions of the weekly newsletter, for more help. If you need extra tips and techniques using Quickbooks, you'll find posts covering that also. Click on "accounting guide" on the top of the page and you'll be directed to frequently asked questions and answers, which might be the best place to start.

There's no excuse not to learn or improve your skills in this area with the many resources for small business accounting online. These 4 online resources should get you off to a great start.

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