3 Types of Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent spouse relief is available to help certain spouses get out of tax liability when they were not responsible for mistakes made by their spouse. Here are a few types of innocent spouse relief.

1. Classic Innocent Spouse Relief

With this type of spouse relief, you have to be unaware that your spouse made errors on your tax return and understated how much tax you owe. When you sign your tax return, you cannot have any knowledge of these mistakes. The IRS has to look at making you responsible for the tax as an unfair situation.

2. Relief by Separation of Liability

Another type of innocent spouse relief is relief by separation of liability. With this type of liability, the IRS is going to separate the different parts of the tax bill into each spouse's portion. This is going to be available if you are separated from your spouse or you filed for divorce.

3. Equitable Relief

Equitable relief is a type of innocent spouse relief that the IRS will consider granting you if you did not qualify for help under classic innocent spouse relief or relief by separation of liability. With this type of relief, you can actually get out of paying a tax bill even if your tax return was calculated correctly.

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