Who Typically Ends Up Working after Retirement?

Many of us dream of being able to hang up our work hats when it comes time to retire, but many of us continue working after retirement. Nowadays, many retired Americans are actually returning to the workforce due to a variety of reasons.


Some retirees find that the slower pace of retired life just doesn't suit them. They miss the structure and routine of a work schedule. They like staying busy to pass the time. Some retired couples miss the active social lives they led prior to retirement outside of the home. They find work provides them with friendships, socialization and camaraderie they miss when at home.

Financial Strain

Financial strains are another top reason retired workers look to become employed again. Many retirees do not have a sustainable insurance program upon retirement. A lot of retirees lose benefits and look to find employment that provides them with medical insurance coverage to help offset the high costs of health care.

Additionally, retirees who may not need the money to get by for day to day expenses, still enjoy the flexibility a job can provide to make a little extra spending money to use to spoil their grandchildren.

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