A trustee is a very important individual in the process of distributing your assets. One of the estate planning tools that you can use in order to govern how your assets are distributed when you die is a trust. A trust is a legal entity that can own your property and then pass it on to your beneficiaries at a certain point. In order to administer a trust, you are going to have to appoint a trustee to do this for you.  


It is up to the trustee to administer the estate. The largest responsibility is to administer the trust according to the wishes of the deceased person's wishes. When you set up a trust, you are going to specify how you want your property to be divided up when you are gone. It is the trustee's duty to do this to the best of their ability. They have a responsibility to the beneficiaries to administer this trust properly. In some cases, the trustee is going to have to use their own judgment when it comes to distributing the assets in the trust. In other times, they only have to follow the directions that were given by the deceased.

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