The living will is one of the most vital documents that is involved in the estate planning process. Here are the basics of the living will and how they work.

Living Will

The living will is a document that is used to specify your wishes in regards to health treatment in the future. If you are incapacitated at some point, officials will turn to your living will to decide what should be done. The living will is going to specify your wishes in regards to certain life-prolonging treatments. This type of document is also known as a healthcare directive or in-advance directive.


If you are incapacitated, there are a number of different decisions that will have to be made. For example, if you are living on a respirator, the living will can specify whether you want to continue to remain on the respirator as long as possible or if they should remove it. The same situation applies to feeding tubes as well. If you do not want to continue to live on feeding tubes for a prolonged period of time, they will remove them as well. This document will also need to specify if you want to continue living in a vegetative state or not.


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