Veteran Aid and Attendance Application Requirements

A type of pension called the Veteran Aid and Attendance Program benefits veterans as well as their surviving spouses who require constant attendance while doing regular activities such as dressing, feeding, or even going to the bathroom. This type of assistance can really help beneficiaries who are physically or mentally incapacitated. Below are the important application requirements for this type of pension.

•    Military service discharge or separation papers.

•    Death Certificate (only if surviving spouse is the beneficiary).

•    Marriage Certificate (only if surviving spouse is the beneficiary).

•    Banking details used for monthly Direct Deposit of Aid and Attendance payments.

•    Copy of the most recent award letter sent out by Social Security.

•    Stocks, bank accounts, bonds, trusts, CDs, annuities, and other pertinent data showing net worth of the beneficiary.

•    Physician or nursing home status statement detailing beneficiary’s name and address, prognosis, current diagnosis, medical status, capability of travelling alone, and ability to care for oneself.

•    Detailed proof of medical bills, insurance premiums and additional medical expenses not covered by Medicaid, Medicare or insurance.

•    List of hospitals and doctors visited in the previous year.

•    Proof of all revenue sources derived from retirement benefits, pensions, annuities, and interest from other investments.

•    Employment history (for beneficiaries below 65 years old).

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