Unmarried with a Partner: Writing a Will

Writing a will is important estate planning process that everyone needs to undertake at some point. This is even true if you are unmarried and you have a partner. Here are a few things to consider about writing a will with a partner that you are not married to.

Transfer of Assets

In the vast majority of cases, you are going to need to write a will if you want to make sure that your unmarried partner receives your assets when you die. In most states, if you die without a will, your assets are going to be transferred to your nearest relative. They will transfer the assets to your parents, your siblings, your children, and even other family members before they give it to an unmarried partner. According to the law, they are not a family member and they do not have a right to your belongings unless you specify otherwise.

Common Law Marriage

Many people believe that if they live with someone for seven years, they will be able to fall into the category of a common law marriage. This is simply a myth. You have to refer to each other as husband and wife, file joint tax returns together, and take on the assumption that you are married in order to gain common law marriage status.

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