Tips on Getting By on Disabled Veteran's Benefits

When you are on a fixed income through your disabled veterans benefits, you will need to monitor your expenses with detail. Benefits provided to disabled veterans are designed to give them the ability to live comfortably, but the definition of comfortably is different for everyone. In reality, the salary of a disabled veteran is low middle income. This means you must live as if you are a low middle income earner in order to ensure your benefits will cover your lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many ways you can make your benefits go further.

Use VA Hospitals Only

Your medical expenses should be covered through your benefit package. However, there are some procedures and expenses the VA will refuse to pay. Typically, your doctor will inform you about whether a particular procedure is insured before proceeding.There is no real guarantee this will occur, though, which puts you at risk of ultimately getting stuck with a big bill. Medical professionals at VA hospitals and care facilities are specifically concerned with assuring the VA will pay for your care. If possible, use only care facilities that are operated by the VA or partner with the VA to reduce your expense.

Seek Caretaker Benefits

If your spouse or relative cares your for due to your disability, that caretaker is eligible for compensation even if you are already receiving disability benefits. This is particularly important for a family where the neither partner can work due to your disability. Seek this alternate form of compensation immediately. Weight the benefits of paying for a separate caretaker and having your spouse or relative take care of you. Ultimately, you may be eligible for far more benefits than you initially thought to help you receive the care you need in the future.

Contest Benefit Denials

Any time the VA denies you a benefit, you have the right to inquire into the reason for denial and determine whether or not you may reapply for the particular benefit. In some cases, you may find your claim was denied due to paperwork errors. In other cases, you may realize you simply need to modify one or two items in order to qualify for benefits in full. Most importantly, if you are denied benefits but the VA's reason for denial appears to be unlawful, you can have the denial reviewed by an independent court. Of course, this will cost you money. However, if you are at risk of losing part of your disability benefit in the future, the lawsuit may be well worth the cost.

Monitor Fixed Expenses

The best advice for surviving on veterans benefits is the same as all solid retirement advice: keep your fixed costs low. The smaller you can make your house payment, car payment, phone, cable or electric bill, the more money you will have to go out and enjoy your retirement. Particularly as a disabled veteran, you may have unforeseen costs arise in the future. Making your fixed cost payments each month very low will provide you valuable protection if you do have an emergency medical expense in the future.

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