Taking Advantage of 401k Help from Your Employer

Your employer can provide you with valuable 401k help in a number of different ways. Here are a few things to consider about taking advantage of 401k help from your employer.


Perhaps the biggest way that your employer can help you with your 401k is through matching contributions. This is one of the biggest advantages of investing in a 401k. Most employers will match a certain percentage of the contributions that you make into your account. Many of them will provide 50 percent of what you contribute up to a certain percentage. For sample, if you contribute 8 percent of your income, your employer will contribute the equivalent of 4 percent. This is basically free money that you get to invest and eventually use for your retirement funds. This can be a huge help because it helps you reach your retirement goals easier.


Your employer will also assist you by providing various resources about the investment options that you have in your retirement account. Most of the time, you can speak to someone in your company, and they will provide you with brochures and other important information about the investments in the 401k. If you need additional information before choosing an investment, you can also contact the person in charge of the account with your company for more help.

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