Have you seriously considered your retirement? No, we're not referring to the image of you sailing around the world at your leisure or playing 18 holes every day of the week (although those are pretty great images to consider). But in order to allow those images to become reality you'll have to consider your retirement in no-nonsense financial terms. Are you actively engaged in a retirement program that has a reasonable chance of being able to fund your latter years in the way that you envision them? If not, then you're already behind the 'earning' curve, regardless of your age.

It's never too early to implement a retirement plan because time is your biggest ally; the more of it that you have to spend actively saving and investing for your retirement, the greater the chances for reaching your goals on your own terms. On the other hand, it's almost never too late to start your retirement funding, either. But the later it gets, the more aggressive you'll have to be with your money.

In this section you'll find a lot of valuable information about the various types of structured retirement plans available. Pensions, 401(k)s, and IRAs are all explained. You'll also learn what you can expect from Social Security. Study this information carefully, and then be sure to act accordingly with regard to your finances. After all, your retirement is your responsibility, and odds are that it'll be here much sooner than you think.


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