A retirement planner is a financial professional that helps clients come up with a working retirement plan. This individual is in charge of helping clients navigate the many possibilities that are present when it comes to choosing a working retirement plan.

A retirement planner will sit down with a client and look at their financial situation. They will look at the individual's expenses and their income. They will try to determine how much they need to save out of each paycheck in order to meet their retirement goals. They will also speak to the individual about what type of retirement they would like to experience.

After helping them set goals, they will come up with options for the individual to use to achieve them. They can help them find a number of different asset allocation strategies and individual investments to make up the portfolio. 

The retirement planner will help them decide whether they need investments that will provide a certain amount of income or if they would rather have investments that grow in capital appreciation. 

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to make these tough decisions. The retirement planner is there simply to act as a guide throughout this process.

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