Retirement Income Planning: Annuities, Stocks or Something Else?

Retirement income planning can be difficult without the proper guidance. In order to ensure that you have enough money to live comfortably during retirement, you need to choose the proper investments. Here are a few things to consider about retirement income planning.


If your objective is to create a steady source of income during your retirement years, an annuity is something that you will want to consider investing in. This is a financial product that you put money into for a specified amount of time. The company takes the money and uses it to invest in the market. Then, when you reach the age of retirement, it will start providing you with a regular income payment. Depending on the annuity, they can pay you for a certain period of time, such as 20 years, or continue paying until you die. This can be a very good way to invest when planning for your retirement income. It is safe because you are investing into a diversified portfolio and you are guaranteed a monthly payment once you get to a certain point.


If you are interested in providing yourself with a monthly income as well as some capital appreciation, you may want to consider investing in stocks for your retirement. You can invest in dividend stocks and get the best of both worlds. When you invest in these types of stocks, you will receive a regular dividend payment from the company that issued the stock. Some companies will pay these dividends on a quarterly basis; however, you can also find companies that pay monthly.

In addition to the dividend, you can also potentially grow the value of your portfolio with these stocks. These stocks are still traded on the stock market and, therefore, have the ability to go up in value. Therefore, this can help you grow your portfolio, and you will benefit from only having to pay capital gains taxes on this appreciation.

Mutual Funds

Another choice that you have for creating a retirement income is to invest in mutual funds. There are many different types of mutual funds available on the market. If you wish to have more control over your investment and still be able to create a regular income, this type of investment could be for you. With a mutual fund, you can buy and sell shares of the fund at any point if you wish. Therefore, you can still monitor your investment progress and transfer money between funds if you wish to improve your performance. This makes it a more active form of investment when compared to an annuity.

Many that are planning for retirement income choose to invest in an income fund. With this type of fund, you are putting your money into a diversified portfolio and then expecting a regular income payment for a certain amount of time. Many of these funds will continue to distribute payments to their shareholders until the money in the fund is depleted.

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