Probate Process: Owning Land in More Than One State

During the probate process, every piece of property from a deceased person's estate is going to have to be evaluated. If a deceased individual owned land in another state, the probate process can get a little bit complicated. Here are the basics of what will happen to property that is owned out-of-state in the probate process.

Dealing With the States

During the probate process, your will is going to be first evaluated by the state in which you live. This probate court is going to get first access to your will and they are going to distribute the property that they can based upon what the will says. If you own property in another state, the probate court is going to pass on the will to the proper state court. That state court will then review your will and distribute the property based upon their state laws.


When you are the owner of property in another state, you will want to make sure that you clearly name your beneficiaries on your will for this property. This way, there will be no confusion as to who is going to be the owner of the property when the will passes through multiple probate courts.

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