Married with or without Children: Writing a Will

Writing a will is a very important task for everyone, regardless of whether they have children. The will is what tells the surviving members of your family what you want to go where, in terms of your belongings and real estate. If there are minor children involved, it will also name legal guardians to take custody of them in the event that you and your spouse both pass away or one parent is not able to care for the children properly.

The will should name you, your spouse and any children, minor or adult. It should name an executor, or a third party person who will be in charge of ensuring that the will is followed exactly to your request. In most cases, the surviving spouse will get everything until the minor children become adults. If there are certain things you do not want the surviving spouse to get, you will need to make note of this in the will. However, if both names are on the deed to the property, the surviving spouse will take sole ownership regardless of what the will says.

It is important to get the will looked over by an estate and probate attorney to make sure everything is legally airtight. You can start with a template you find online, but there is no guarantee that template will be legally binding in the event of your death.

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