How to Handle a Second Marriage in Your Will

Many people may wonder how they can manage their will since they have been married a second time. Being married a second time, doesn't necessarily mean that your will be harder to write. However, it may mean that you have more to add to your will such as more assets and more people to consider. For these reasons, it can be more important than ever to write a will. How should you handle your second marriage in your will? How should you divide such things as real estate, investments, money on hand and even some of your sentimental tokens?  Should you leave everything in your will to your second wife? Should you consider your first wife at all? What about any children you may.  Here are some things that you may want to consider.

  • Real estate: Who exactly owned what real estate going into the marriage? You may wish to leave any homes that were owned before your second marriage to your children or first wife. You also may wish to have these homes put up for sale and they money equally divided among all your heirs.
  • Cash and money on hand: Generally these are given straight to your second wife. However, arrangements may also be made to divide these among other heirs you may have such as children.
  • Any Sentimental Tokens: These can be left to whomever you wish, even your first wife.

Drawing up a will is hard, no matter if you are married for the first, second or third time. However, this is the only way to ensure that your estate will be divided the way you wish.


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