How to Get Cheap Residential Assisted Living

Residential assisted living costs are directly associated with the options you choose for your facility. There are some options you should not compromise on. For example, if you need a maximum care facility, you should pay the cost for this service. However, there are some costs that you can cut without compromising your health and safety. These costs are generally related with the housing facility or services that you will receive while you stay there.

Seek Larger Complexes

Living in an assisted living community is similar to living in an apartment complex or condominium complex: the residents share the cost of maintaining the grounds. When you pick a condominium in a facility with only 10 other houses, you will find the home owners association fees are higher to achieve a moderate quality of maintenance and care for the building than if you chose a complex with 40 other houses. This is also true of assisted living communities. The more residents able to split the cost of the grounds and maintenance, the lower the cost will be for each individual participant. 

Choose Location Carefully

Where a facility is located will have a huge impact on the price to live there. Of course, you may not be able to choose which city you will live in. Your family and friends may all be located in one place, and you should not have to compromise by moving away from this support network in the time you will need them most. However, you may choose to be located away from the city center in a big city, away from the coastline in a coastal city or generally in a less desirable area of town. The good news is most of the services you need will be provided on campus. If you even need to leave campus for any reason, you can always ask for a shuttle or hop a ride with your family members.

Forget about Recreation Programs

Recreational programs, such as knitting classes, theater performances or educational opportunities, are a nice service to have if you can afford them. However, many facilities use these types of items to lure new applicants who quickly realize they do not rely on these activities for socialization. In any retirement community, one of the key advantages is that you will be living with other people just like you. It is easy to make friends, and most facilities are busy social centers for older people even if there are not scheduled social events.

Pay the Cost Where it Matters

Ultimately, when you are looking for assisted living on a budget, you have to concentrate your expenses in areas where it matters most. Do not give up vital medical services if you feel you will need them. Do not compromise on dining options if you cannot cook for yourself. But, do compromise on ocean views if the price tag is not possible. Think about these choices just as you would when buying a new home. Make a list of the options you need, some you would like, and those you could live without. 

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