Filing a probate is essential once an individual passes away. The first step of this process involves locating the will of the deceased individual. Many times, they will keep it in a safe place such as a safety deposit box at the bank. You need a copy of the will before you can do anything else. 

Determine Executor of the Estate

Once you have located the will, you should be able to determine who is the executor of the estate. When an individual writes a will, they are supposed to choose an executor to oversee it once they pass away. You need to get in contact with the executor to let them know that the individual has passed away.

Filing Fee

The executor of the estate will then need to go to the county courthouse of the county where the deceased individual lived. They will need to let them know that they want to file the appropriate probate forms and pay a filing fee. At this point, you will need to wait for a court order. The executor will then take the will in front of the judge so that the judge can validate it before the probate process can begin.

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