How to File a 401k with the IRS

Your plan administrator is responsible for reporting your 401k to the IRS when it is established. You will want to ensure the contributions you make to the account are deducted as required. If you have a non-deductible account, you will still report contributions.

Report Contributions on a W2

Your plan provider is responsible for providing you with an account that qualifies for preferential tax treatment. Your provider will also supply you with a report at the end of the year listing how much you have contributed. If you are deducting the contributions, you will list them on your W2 under "tax deductible investment contributions." If you contributed to a Roth IRA, your contributions are not tax deductible. 

Report Contributions for Future Benefits

Even if your contributions are not tax deductible, you will need to report them so they receive preferential tax treatment in the future. Report Roth IRA contributions under non tax deductible contributions. Ensure you are not exceeding the contribution limit to this account by reviewing IRS publication 590. The same publication addresses contribution limits on tax deductible IRAs.

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