How the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Works

As a veteran, you are eligible for several nice benefits, and one thing that you may be counting on is a pension provided by the Veterans Administration. There are currently three levels of pension that is provided by the Veterans Administration. There is a "Basic", "Housebound", and "Aid and Attendance" pension plan. Many people know about the first two tiers and utilize them. However, the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension is often overlooked. It can provide many great benefits that the other two tiers cannot. If you qualify for it and do not get it, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Here are the basics of the plan.


This plan is designed to provide for those that require additional care from another individual. Many people require help with eating, medicating, bathing, and getting dressed. Under this pension plan, any veteran or veteran's spouse can receive an additional allotment of money to help pay for this cost. A veteran can receive over $1600 extra per month with this pension. A surviving spouse can receive over $1000 per month while a couple can get over $1900 per month.


In order to qualify for the pension, you simply have to be a veteran or the spouse of a veteran and require care from another person. The injury or condition that you are in does not have to be related to military service. This is just part of the benefit that veterans receive and can be given to any veteran that requires it.  


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