How Pensions and Life Insurance Plans Differ

If you have a pension and a life insurance policy, you will most likely be taken care of later in life. You are planning for your future and the future of your family members. Here are a few differences between life insurance plans and pension plans.

Pension Plans

A pension is provided by the company that you work for. If you are not an employee of a company that offers pensions, you will not be able to obtain one on your own. Pensions can be set up to where you pay into them or the company pays into them. Once you reach retirement age, you may be able to decide between a lump sum payment and an annuity payment. With an annuity payment, you will receive a monthly payment each month for the rest of your life. 

Life Insurance Plan

With a life insurance plan, you are protecting the future of your family. When you own a life insurance plan, you are basically purchasing a death benefit that will be paid to your family when you die. There are many different types of life insurance out there including: whole, term, and universal. Whole life insurance is one of the most popular forms of life insurance as it lasts as long as you do and has a cash value component.

Life insurance can take care of your final expenses, any outstanding debts you might have, and provide for a comfortable future for your loved ones. It is a necessity for anyone with a family. 


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