General Duties of Trustees

Trustees have a number of different duties that they will have to perform. One of the most important things that a trustee is going to have to do is follow the orders of the grantor. Whenever you set up a trust, you want to choose someone as the trustee that will be able to carry out your wishes when distributing your assets. 

Assist Beneficiaries

It is also up to the trustee to perform their duties so that they can assist the beneficiaries of the trust. If they do not perform their duties according to the rules that were set forth by the trust, it could negatively impact the beneficiaries.

Protect Property

The trustee is going to be in charge of maintaining the property that is in the trust. They have a duty to maintain and protect this property so that it can be distributed to the beneficiaries of the trust in good condition.


A trustee also has the duty of separating the property in the trust from their own personal possessions. If they mix personal property with property inside the trust, it could have negative ramifications for the beneficiaries in the future.

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