Funeral Arrangements that can Save Money

When a family member dies, it's conceivable that you temporarily may not have the emotional wherewithal to begin researching the various funeral parlors to find the most cost-effective package available. While we all know burial costs can be exorbitant, funeral costs on average run to approximately $5000 or more. Add to this the fact that if your family does not own a burial plot, the total amount spent can be as much as $20,000. There are, however, ways in which you can save money on funeral arrangements if you prepare ahead of time and consider some alternatives. Here are some measures you can take to ensure a proper funeral without overloading the family's finances.

If your spouse is a veteran, he or she is automatically ensured to have burial plot in your state. This can certainly defray the cost of finding a final resting site at the last minute. If your loved one is not a veteran, however, it's advisable to research the cemeteries in your area to determine the cost of a plot and purchase one as soon as possible.

Another consideration is cremation. Statistics reveal that the election of this option has risen more than 50 percent, undoubtedly due to the fact that it costs approximately $1000 compared to the much higher cost of having a traditional funeral. It also allows you to forego a wake (a viewing of the deceased) and have a simplified memorial service for your loved one. On the other hand, some individuals opt to save money by not having the loved one embalmed, instead choosing a closed casket for the one-day wake or viewing. Afterward, a memorial service and burial or cremation is performed.

There are many options available to you, but planning in advance is highly recommended. Of course, many bereaved families allow the funeral parlor to handle all of the arrangements. But, consider this before you hand full authority and control over to your local undertaker: reports suggest that funeral parlors mark up their packages as much as 1000 percent. While you may want the very best for your loved one, can you really afford to pay this kind of money unnecessarily? Of course, this is a question only you and your family can answer, but one that nevertheless bears careful deliberation.

It is possible to prepare a fitting tribute for your departed loved one without spending a fortune to do so. The best time to prepare for such an eventuality is now. Take the time to find a plot, spell out your final wishes in a will, and ensure that there's enough money to cover whatever type of funeral arrangement you deem appropriate. If you decide that you wish to be cremated, talk to your family about it. Make your wishes known in a clear and concise manner so that there's no misunderstanding later on. The subject of funeral arrangements is a difficult one to discuss with family members, but it's altogether best to do it sooner rather than later.

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