Function and Purposes of a Will Administrator

The administrator of a will has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of the estate of a deceased individual. Here are a few things to consider about the purpose of a will administrator and what they do.

Will Administrator

The will administrator is in charge of making sure that the wishes of a deceased individual are carried out. The administrator of a will is very similar to an executor of a will. The big difference between these two individuals is that an executor is chosen by the deceased individual in advance. A will administrator is appointed by the probate court judge. Typically, an administrator is going to be a family member of the deceased, but it could be someone else that knew them.


The will administrator has to file the appropriate documents on behalf of the estate. They will attend the probate hearing and work in conjunction with the probate court to make sure that the assets of the individual are distributed according to their will. The administrator has the right to sell property from the estate in order to raise money. They can choose to distribute assets as physical property, or as cash, if the will did not have any specifications about this.

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