Estate Planning: Can You Disinherit Your Child?

Many individuals want to disinherit their child for one reason or another. If this is the case, you can use certain methods to disinherit your child.

Disinheriting a Child

If you wish to disinherit your child, you can do so in every state except Louisiana. You can do so for any reason that you have. You do not necessarily have to do it just because you have a bad relationship with them. Sometimes, you might have multiple children and one of them is in bad financial shape while the other one is doing fine. In that case, you might want to help one more than the other. Sometimes, your children might not want to inherit anything because it will impact their personal taxes.

How to Disinherit a Child

In order to disinherit a child, you will have to take the proper are and planning. One way that you can do is to utilize a will. By doing this, you can specifically say that you do not want to leave anything to one of your children or you can leave them a small amount of money such as one dollar. You can also use a trust to designate who is going to get your assets when you pass away.

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