Details on Veteran's PTSD Coverage

For many years the details about coverage for PTSD for our veterans have been vague. Military veterans have unfortunately run into difficulties receiving benefits for PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment. Thankfully, recent changes to the claims process as a whole, will make it much easier for veterans to receive full treatment for this scarring anxiety disorder. Classic PTSD symptoms include: depression, moodiness, aggression, drinking problems, nightmares, flashbacks and disorientation.

The Changes

Up until recently, veterans were running into two major obstacles when seeking treatment. The first battle was achieving proper diagnosis. The VA was requiring that returning service men and women need detailed notes to document that the PTSD was indeed a result of their military service duties, and not brought on by other outside factors. The new process allows for those returning from a combat zone, even those personnel in non-direct combat roles, to only need a diagnosis to qualify for VA treatment.

Similarly, this same claims update allows for compensation to cover treatments to be much more accessible. Previously soldiers were reporting receiving only partial treatments, such as medicine, but no therapy. The new claims process will be retroactive, allowing soldiers who have been suffering without full or proper treatment to have their needs addressed quickly.

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