Advantages and Disadvantages of a Defined Benefit Plan

The defined benefit plan is a type of retirement plan that has been around for many years. If you are working for a company that provides a defined benefit plan, you will need to understand what to expect. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a defined benefit plan.


One of the major advantages of a defined benefit plan is that there is no effort required on your part. The company that provides the defined benefit plan is in charge of contributing to it and making the individual investment decisions. You will simply have to do your job, and then your retirement benefits will be waiting for you when you retire.

Another benefit is that you do not have to decide how much to contribute to the plan. The business is going to handle this aspect for you, and you will still receive your full paycheck.


One of the disadvantages of this type of plan is that you do not have a say over how the money is invested. Someone else is handling all of these decisions for you.

Another disadvantage of this type of plan is that it has limited potential. You know exactly how much you are going to receive when you retire.

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