A Matching Contribution: The Best Investment Around

When an employer offers a matching contribution for your retirement account, this is going to be the best investment that you will be able to find. Here are a few things to consider about matching contributions and how they work.

Matching Contributions

A matching contribution is offered by many employers in association with retirement account contributions. For example, if you contribute 8 percent of your salary to a retirement account, your employer might decide to contribute 4 percent worth of your salary. With this matching contribution, you have accumulated a 50 percent return on your investment before you even invest your money into the market. This is a much higher return than you would be able to get from most other options that are available.


This type of contribution is most common in the 401(k) retirement account. However, there are some other options that can provide you with employer matching contributions. For example, you can get employer contributions when you have a SIMPLE IRA. You can also receive matching contributions from a 403(b) retirement account.

With the SEP IRA, you can receive contributions from your employer as well. However, with this type of plan, you will not be able to make contributions out of your own money. The entire account is funded by the employer contributions.

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