5 Most Expensive Assisted Living Services

Assisted living services provided in retirement communities vary in their scope. In general, most assisted living communities have options for level of care and level of involvement with the residents and staff. Many individuals can simply choose some preferences over others, managing their costs through their personal decisions. Others, though, will have specific needs that are not as flexible. 

#1 Unique Medical Needs

If you have certain medical challenges, you may need to pay additional costs in order to receive the attention you need. For example, individuals who have difficultly bathing themselves or performing other daily tasks will need more involvement from nurses. You may have limited mobility, in which case the staff will be ready to assist you in activities like laundry, cleaning and other necessities. However, these services do cost extra.

#2 Dietary Restrictions

You may elect not to use a dining package at your assisted living community. If you are in a minimal care facility, you will likely find the individuals in your area still regularly cook for themselves and go out to dine. However, in a maximum care area, you will find very few individuals prepare their own meals. Instead, they take advantage of dining options presented by the cafeteria or in-room dining. Those individuals with dietary restrictions, such as gluten allergies, dairy allergies, kosher eating habits or diabetes may need to pay more for their food.

#3 Large, Private Accommodations

The number of individuals living in your community will affect its price. This is simple math; the cost of maintenance of the grounds and staff salaries is divided between residents. The more residents there are, the lower the cost is per person. If you would like to live in a large, private apartment or home, you will quickly realize the costs go up. Individuals who are moving into the community with a significant other often have this challenge. 

#4 Driving Services

Most assisted living facilities offer some type of complimentary shuttle. This shuttle takes passengers to church, the grocery store and on other common trips. However, residents may still drive themselves for personal errands; many residents will have family in the area who can help them with this need. If you will need a private driver for your personal errands, expect the cost of that driver to be very high. Most facilities will offer this service if you can afford it, but they all will charge a high price for individually accommodating your needs.

#5 Location

One area you may not be able to control is the location where your facility is located. Just as real estate is pricier in some areas than others, assisted living is pricier in some areas than others. If you are truly challenged in finding a facility that you can afford in the town you currently live in, you may consider relocating. This can be hard to do after retirement age. However, a number of seniors find a very fulfilling life in a retirement community away from their home town. You can potentially afford a higher level of care and service through this option. 


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