401k Help: My Plan Doesn't Offer the Choices I Want

You may be looking for sources of 401k help if your plan does not offer the choices that you want to invest in. Here are a few things to consider if your 401k plan has limited options that are not appealing to you.

Speak to Your Employer

If you realize that your retirement plan does not have the options that you want, you should immediately speak to your employer. If you have a good relationship with your employer, they will likely be willing to listen to feedback about the retirement plan that they offer. You should not be upset or difficult to talk to at this time. Just calmly explain to them that you do not think the options in the retirement plan are in the best interests of the employees. If enough people are unhappy with the retirement plan, the employer may consider switching providers.


If you are not happy with the options in your 401k, you can always put more money into another retirement account. You might want to put enough money into your 401k to make sure that you are entitled to all of the available employer matches. However, any other retirement money that you want to invest could go into an IRA that has many more investment choices available.

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