3 Ways to Use an IRA Fund

Your IRA fund is designed to provide tax advantages to encourage you to save for retirement. This is only one way in which the fund can successfully be employed to assist in your financial goals. Consider using the fund in other situations to grow your income and provide security.

#1 Traditional Retirement Account

As a traditional retirement account, an IRA provides valuable tax benefits. Both Traditional and Roth IRA funds offer tax savings. They should be used to reduce your taxable expenses either in the present year or in the future.

#2 Emergency Funding Needs

If you are in a bind, and need money immediately, your IRA fund is always available. Remember, you will pay a 10 percent fee on any early withdrawals. This is a small price to pay in order to be able to provide payments for medical bills or meet other emergency hardship situations.

#3 College & Home Savings Account

Your IRA is one resource you can tap into in order to pay for higher education or a home. Unlike a 401k, your IRA does not present a loan option for these items. However, you may be able to use it as collateral on a loan or agree to the early withdrawal fee out of necessity.

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