3 Top Early Retirement Destinations

If you are opting for early retirement, you need to start considering where you can live and spend your twilight years. Below are some of the top retiree destinations in the world:

1. Spain

Many retirees are flocking to Spain, especially in the southern part of the country. This is primarily because of its temperate climate. Apart from this, the cost of living here is very affordable and the culture is rich and diverse. Living in this country is like being on a vacation every day. However, language is a big barrier if you do not know how to speak Spanish. Also, getting a visa in this country can be difficult.

2. Philippines

This Southeast Asian country is a prime destination for US retirees because of the warm weather, cheap cost of living, and the great hospitality shown by locals. Securing a retirement visa in this country is also easy. The only disadvantage of spending your retirement in this country is its relative inaccessibility to loved ones and friends from most Western countries.

3. Mexico

The main advantage of Mexico over other top early retirement destinations is its proximity to the US. If you want to enjoy a temperate climate, spend your last years in a paradise setting, and still be accessible to your loved ones back home, this country is a top choice. However, language can be a big barrier if you do not know how to speak Spanish.

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