3 Requirements to Sign and Witness Wills

When it comes to wills, a witness is going to have to be present when the will is signed. Here are a few requirements to consider when it comes to signing wills. 

1. Prove Capacity

When you sign your will, you have to be able to prove that you are mentally capable of going through this process. The lawyer is going to ask you if the document is indeed your will. The witnesses are going to be necessary in order to prove that you have the capacity to sign the document and that you were in your right mind.

2. Who Can Witness

As a general rule, you should get a witness for this process that is not going to benefit from the will itself. If the witness stands to inherit something from the estate, then a conflict of interest arises. 

3. Number

When you are going through this process, you want to make sure that you have the appropriate number of witnesses present. State laws vary when it comes to how many witnesses are required. In most states, you will have to have two witnesses. In other states, you are going to have to have three witnesses.

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