3 Factors in Getting a Good Fixed Annuity Rate

Getting a good fixed annuity rate can make a big difference in the quality of life that you enjoy during your retirement years. Here are a few factors that will determine how good of a rate that you can secure.

1. Insurance Company

One factor that will play into the rate that you get is the insurance company that you choose to work with. Every insurance company will have different annuity rates that they are willing to offer their customers. In many cases, the bigger insurance companies will have better rates because of their economies of scale.

2. Market

Another factor is the interest rate that is available in the market. Market interest rates regularly fluctuate based on a number of different economic factors. If you go to purchase an annuity when market interest rates are low, you will get a lower rate. If you time it right and purchase when rates are high, you can benefit.

3. Negotiation

In some cases, you may also be able to impact the interest rate that you get with your negotiation skills. Insurance agents are allowed to negotiate these rates on occasion. If you are persistent and let them know that you are shopping, they might give you a better rate.

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