3 Complicating Factors to the Probate Process

The probate process is known for taking a long time and being a very detailed ordeal. Here are a few reasons that probate can be complicated. 

1. Location

One reason that it can get complicated is because you may have to go to multiple locations to get everything probated. For example, your intangible assets such as your cash and investment accounts will be probated in the area in which you live. However, if you own real estate in another state, you are going to have to go to that state in order to have a real estate probated.

2. Probate Estate Property vs Non-Probate Property

Not every piece of property that you own is going to have to go through probate. Understanding the different types of property can be difficult. For example, if you own a house jointly with someone else, it will not have to go through probate because you can simply transfer the ownership to the survivor.

3. Finding Beneficiaries

The executor of the will or the administrator of the estate is going to have to find all of the beneficiaries for the estate. If beneficiaries are located far away, this can complicate things because you have to send documents back and forth.

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