Your Home Listing Expired: Now What?

When your home listing expires, it can be a very discouraging experience. When this happens, there are a number of things that you can do. Here are the basics of what you should do when your home listing expires.

Why Did It Fail?

When a home listing fails, it is usually a good idea to sit down and determine why your home did not sell. Try to look at your property from the perspective of a potential buyer. Ask yourself if you would have bought this house if you were in a buyer's shoes. After living in a house for several years, you are usually tired of it and ready to move on. However, you need to act as if you had never lived in the house before and try to determine if anything is wrong with it. If you are working with a real estate agent, you need to talk to him about why the house did not sell. He might tell you that the house simply needed more time on the market. If there is an abundance of similar houses on the market, it can be difficult to sell the house in a short period.

Moving Forward

After you have spent some time thinking of why the house did not sell, you need to decide what your next move is going to be. If you are in desperate need of selling your home, you will definitely need to put it back on the market. If you believe that the market was not doing well enough to sell your house at this time, then you might want to consider holding off before putting the house back on the market.

Fixing the Problems

If you and your real estate agent have come to a decision as to why the house did not sell, you might want to spend some time fixing those problems before putting it back on the market. For example, if your real estate agent says that the kitchen is outdated, you might want to put some effort into fixing it up. Replacing the cabinets, replacing the flooring and replacing the appliances are all some things that you could do in order to improve the look of the kitchen.


You also need to think about whether the house is priced correctly or not. Many times, the reason that a house did not sell is that the price was set too high. If the price is above the rest of the market, you might not even get any potential buyers to look at your home. If your real estate agent recommends that you lower the price, you might want to think about doing so. Many times, lowering the price of the house will have a significant impact on how quickly you can sell. However, if you need a certain amount of money from the sale of your house, then you will want either to leave it at the same price or hold off on listing it at this time.

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