Where to Find Public Information on Property

Local, state and/or federal governments maintain public information on property. Below is information about where and how to locate such public records.

Public records pertaining to a particular property can be accessed at a state or local agency, such as the County Clerk office in the county where the property is located. Most records are kept in books and given file numbers, making it possible for you to access the information easily. The procedure can be time-consuming if you lack key information pertaining to the record. It is very important to have at least a docket and file number when searching government records. Once the file is located, the information can be read or you can write all the information you need about the file on a separate sheet of paper.

If you're trying to obtain a physical copy of the record, you may be charged a small fee by the government agency. With the increase in technology, several of the government agencies have streamlined the way information is obtained and developed websites to make public records available online. The researcher may be asked to apply for a user name and password before being able to access the information. For the searcher's convenience, there are several private online companies that charge a small fee to search the public records and provide the necessary information.

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