Where Do You Look for a Tax Sale Property?

Finding a tax sale property is a matter of keeping your eyes open and knowing where to look. Once you know the following two places to look for tax sales, finding tax sale properties will be a cinch.

Find a Tax Sale Property in the Newspaper

Many times you can check out the legal notices section of your local newspaper to learn about tax sales. More than that, many times you can learn about the individual properties that will be for sale within this announcement. These listings tend to be placed anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks before the tax sale will occur.

Go to the Source for Your Tax Sale Property

Another more proactive option is to figure out who is in charge of the tax sales in your state and contact that individual directly to learn about upcoming tax sales. The person who is in charge of tax sales can vary from one state to another, so you will have to do some investigating. This person is usually the tax collector or County Treasurer, but in some locations the sheriff's office will handle these matters.

You can look for a tax sale property in the legal notices section of your newspaper or go to the source. Either route will allow you to gain access to all the tax sale property information that you need.

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