When to Opt for a Flat Rate Moving Company

Using a flat rate moving company could be to your advantage in a few situations. You could choose a moving company that has variable charges, or one that charges a flat fee. Here are the basics of when to choose a flat rate moving company.


Different moving companies charge for their services in a variety of different ways. Some of them charge by the hour, some by the total weight of contents to be moved, and some charge a flat fee. You should start the planning stage for moving about 4 to 8 weeks in advance and get 2 to 3 different quotes from moving companies.

When you get an hourly quote or a quote by weight, you are basically getting an estimated quote. Things could vary drastically from what is quoted. Until they weigh the contents after they are packaged for moving, you really do not know how much things are going to weigh. If the weight comes out to a higher amount, you could be looking at a significantly larger bill to pay.

When you are paying by the hour, something could come up that makes the move take longer. In order to avoid both of these problems, you can sign up with a flat rate moving company. The quote should be what you ultimately pay without surprises. 

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