When Should You Sublet a Timeshare?

Many people sublet timeshare rentals for a number of different reasons. While there are good times to do this, it may not always be in your best interest. Many people have bought a timeshare just to sublet it and ended up hurting financially as a result. Here are a few tips on deciding when to sublet your timeshare.

Financially Profitable

Certain markets are underdeveloped and as a result, they have more demand than supply on timeshares. If this is the case, you could profit from buying the timeshare just to sublet it. You have to run the numbers and make sure that the amount that you are paying for the timeshare is less than what you can get for it. Otherwise, it really does not make sense for you to do so. Buying in an overcrowded market could be a recipe for disaster. 

Cut Your Losses

Another time that you may consider subletting your timeshare is to cut your losses. This is when you already bought a timeshare and you never use it. You are already obligated to make the payment for it and it is doing you absolutely no good. If you can at least get something back from the timeshare, you will be financially better off.

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