What to Consider before Firing Your Realtor

If your Realtor is not getting the job done for you, you may consider firing them, but before you do, you should take a good look at the property that they are trying to sell. Just because a property is not selling quickly, that does not necessarily mean that it is your real estate agent's fault. You need to determine if there are any significant problems with the property that you are trying to sell.

Any Property Problems

Sometimes, there will be a major problem with a property that is preventing it from being sold. If this is the case, it might be difficult for your real estate agent to overcome this big problem. For example, you might have a serious problem with the curb appeal of a property. If it does not look appealing on the outside, people may not want to enter. While your problem may not be that obvious, this type of scenario plays out all the time. Make sure that you evaluate all of the potential problems with a property before you place the blame on your Realtor.

Where the Price Falls

Something else that you will want to evaluate is whether your property is priced properly. Many times, sellers will try to price their property too high and it will negatively impact their ability to sell the house quickly. This may not necessarily be the fault of your Realtor. Make sure that your property is priced correctly before you simply get rid of your real estate agent.

Alternative Means of Getting a Buyer

In some cases, you may not necessarily want to completely fire your Realtor. You might have a good relationship with your real estate agent, but you feel like you should explore other options. In that case, you do have some alternatives to firing your real estate agent. For example, you could decide to change your listing from an exclusive right to sell listing to an exclusive agency listing. With this option, you will still be able to work with your real estate agent, but if you find a buyer through other methods, you can sell to them without running into problems with your contract with the real estate agent.

Costs that May Be Specified in the Contract

Before you fire your real estate agent, you will want to make sure that you understand if there are any costs involved. In some cases, you are not going to have to pay anything for canceling a listing with your real estate agent. If they are working strictly on commission, you may not have to give them any money. However, you will want to make sure to check the details of contract that you sign with them. Sometimes, you will have to pay them a cancellation fee if you do not stay with them through the entire listing. If you paid a real estate agent a flat fee, you may have to forfeit part of that money.

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