What Neighborhoods do Small Families Prefer?

Small families are families that have no more than two children. Regardless of their income level and ethnicity, most small families try to settle in safe, accessible neighborhoods that have good schools and plenty of recreational venues. 


All parents want their children to be safe. That is why they look for neighborhoods that have low levels of crime, especially violent crime. The families also try to gauge safety based on appearance - if a neighborhood looks run down and neglected, they will try to avoid it, even if the neighborhood's crime rates are low.


Small families prefer neighborhoods with well-maintained sidewalks and streets that don't get too clogged in traffic. Children need to be able to play outside, and they can't do that if they can't really walk anywhere. The parents have to be able to get to work promptly and consistently.


Parents want their children to get good education, so they try to enroll their children in good schools. Because of this, they often settle based on school district boundaries. Since school district boundaries don't always correspond to neighborhood boundaries, small families may choose to settle in certain portions of the neighborhood and avoid other portions like a plague. If their children have special needs, parents will want a neighborhood with schools that have programs that address those needs.


Both kids and parents want to be able to have fun every once in a while. The less they have to walk (or drive) to reach a recreational venue, the better. Small families will look for neighborhoods with parks, theaters, video rental stores, gaming outlets, etc. The trick here is that simply having recreational venues isn't enough - they have to be good. If small families have to choose between a neighborhood with a rundown amusement park and a neighborhood with a small, brand-new playground, chances are that they will choose the later.


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