What Is a Special Warranty Deed?

A special warranty deed is a type of deed that can be used to convey ownership of a piece of property to another individual. With this type of deed, the seller of the property is providing only a limited number of assurances to the buyer. Here are the basics of the special warranty deed.

Special Warranty Deed

When a seller uses a special warranty deed, it is because she is providing a guarantee that she has had full ownership of the property with no encumbrances during the period that she has held the property. At the same time, the seller is not making any guarantees about the property during the period before she was the owner.


If you are the buyer of a piece of property with a special warranty deed, you should be careful. With this type of deed, you will be unsure of what could happen in the future. Something could come up that would affect your ownership rights to the property based on a claim from a previous owner. In order to avoid this risk, you should most likely have a title company do a title search and then provide you with title insurance on the property.

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