What Information is on a Title Report?

The title report is a document that is commonly used in the real estate industry today. Here are the basics of the title report and what information you can find on one.

Title Report

Whenever a property is sold, a title report is going to be generated. Typically, a title company is going to be the one that will generate this report. In some cases, an attorney or escrow company will be the ones to come up with the title report.


You should be able to find an abundance of information on the title report about a particular piece of property. On the document, you should be able to find a very detailed description of the property. This will include the parcel number and any other information that is useful in identifying the property in question. You will also be able to find the names of the individuals that currently hold the title to the property. This document is going to explain how the tile to the property is held as well. This document is also very important because it will tell you if there are any encumbrances or liens against the property before you buy it. The information on this document is essential in order to determine if clear title can be conveyed.

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